The members of Family and friends sit together to enjoy having the traditional Ramadan food in Iftar time. This month is blessedly month for all the Muslims especially.

What different between Suhoor and Iftar

During the month of Ramadan there are two main Traditional Ramadan Food are. One is suhoor, which is offered before dawn, and iftar, which is served after the sunset in the evening. Suhoor should be energetic, healthy meal to provide needed energy complete the fasting day. It ends when the sun rises and the fajr, or Prayer of morning, starts.

At the end up of the day, when the sun sets in the evening, the maghrib prayer begins to offer. And the day’s fast will be opened with iftar. The Muslims of many countries break their fast by eating dates before starting up the iftar food. Muslims can continue eating and drinking whole the night until the next day’s suhoor begin. At the end up of the Ramadan month, Muslims start celebrating the celebration of Fast-opening eid, called Eid al-Fitr.

What to Eat in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak

Both of the suhoor and iftar meals included fresh fruit, vegetables, halal meats, breads, new dishes, cheeses, and sweets too. “I will try to keep my Ramadan very light and beset with proteins, fibers, and complex crabs. When Ramadan comes during hot summer month like this year. I always concentrate on hydrating foods,” says Amanda Saab of the blog Amanda’s Plate,” These types of food served vary by region, if you’re in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, or ahead of. The meals are offered either at home with family in mosques, or other selected places within the people of Muslim Groups . Especially in the month of Ramadan we must have healthy and energetic food which help us throughout the day of fasting and praying God. 

Delicious Food is part of Ramadan ul Mubarak’s traditions; relatives and buddies get together to share and enjoy the healthy Ramadan food that is served.  Iftar enjoyed at sunset when Muslims of all over the world break their fasts, and Suhoor is consumed early in the morning before the day starts. Fasting has an essential role in teaching tolerance, patience, sympathy, kindness, care, thankfulness and gratitude. It also gets in mind people about those suffering from poverty and hunger. A traditional Ramadan food Iftar and best sahri menu includes many varieties of dishes. But whether an Ifta and suhoorr is simple or big, sharing food with the needy during this holy month is an essential part of the feast and Muslims are persuaded to help the poor.

Make your sahri and iftari special by cooking these following delicious Ramadan foods which are given bellow.

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01.  Rooh Afza

As you can think, Indian and Pakistani Muslims find the Ramadan ul Mubarak to be the just right reason to eat. Even more samosas, pakoras, and chaat and also some other foods. They are mostly eaten in both countries as Ramadan food but one thing on the table.. That is essentially in Ramzan, as it’s usually referred in the country of South Asia, is Rooh Afza. Concentrated syrup, Rooh Afza is a mixture of a lot of different flavors. Mostly notably is rose, as well as various types of fruits and vegetables.

Although it is consumed all over the year, Rooh Afza makes a more normal appearance during Ramadan. When it is normally mixed with water, although milk is also an option. It will give more taste when you will mix milk and along with it some crushed dry fruit. Like, Almond, pistachio and many more. I would say if you will mix dry fruit. Then you will go on drinking this after the Ramadan because it becomes very tasty. When you mix milk and some dry fruit together.

Rooh Afza Traditional Ramadan Food

02. Salad of fresh fruit in Ramadan Food

Fresh fruit come into view on many Ramadan tables especially in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak because it has good amount of water content, pleasing sweetness, and festive flavor. And it will make fasted Muslim energetic to perform their other duties in the month of Ramadan. Try this thai-motivated and best tasty fruit salad in Ramadan food for a tropical twist and turn or just as encouragement for your own preferred combination. What kind of fruits you will find in this season it will depend on your area location, and then go to market and feel free to get creative by buying some new fresh fruit for Ramadan food. And then try this salad at home with family and friends also tell them to make this on their homes.

Salad fresh Fruit Traditional Ramadan Food

03. Pakora fritters in Ramadan food

Some families at the time of iftar or sahoor, they eat many kinds of snacks, including fritters like these fried tasty pakoras and there are many kinds of pakoras in Pakistan and in other countries or bhajias. Bhajia is the local dish of Indian people. They just love to eat this dish a lot. Try them at your home as a Ramadan food with Paneer, cauliflower, or potatoes for an interesting mixture of such things to make it little tastier to have it. And also you can change the spice level by adding more or less chili powder, depending on your diners’ acceptance.

This is very tasty dish cook it at your home. As a Ramadan food dish or just go through the internet and make a order from any restaurant. There are many online restaurant who complete you’re order as soon as possible. So that you can enjoy this dish in this Ramadan ul Mubarak month 

Pakora fritters Traditional Ramadan Food

04. Tasty Kachori

These khasta kachories are very tasty almost eaten globally.

There are many kind of kachories and have different kind of tasty test even many people have it throughout the year and enjoy them at any lovable moment. These (lentil stuffed kachories) taste greater hot or cold, and many people have them as a fast snack dish on the go. Because of their stiff filling and crispy outsides, they also make a gratifying dish. Best of all they can also be kept well in the fridge so you can make a big batch and have them all week long. Hope this will be very tasty Ramadan food for you when you will have it on Ramadan aftar table.

Tasty Kachori Traditional Ramadan Food

05. Dairy free fruit custard

The 1st look of this Ramadan food dish is very best. When you will look it and I know that you would like to have it. Because it is tastier Kids will love to eat this dish with the core of their hearts. This is cooling; hydrating fruit custard of mangoes makes a refreshing way to begin or end the day during Ramadan. Try this dairy free mango custard at home to make a best use of the sugary tropical fruits with a uniquely delightful flavor that requires a small amount of sugar. Coconut milk also lends a creamy quality without adding much fat.

This is really a very good dish to have it at the time of aftar. It is very easy dish to make hope you like it when you will eat.

Dairy free fruit custard Traditional Ramadan Food

 06.  Doner Kebab For best sahri and iftari

Traditionally, doner kebab meat roasts on a turning in the month of Ramadan as a Ramadan food recipe, circular spit that makes a crunchy taste and a deliciously loving center. If you don’t have one at home, this oven roasted type work just as well. Do it by yourself Make up the tender meat in pita sandwiches or dish up sliced on platters for a do-it-yourself for sahoor or iftar. This Ramadan food recipe use can use in the sahoor or in iftar because it is energetic that will help you to do your duties till the iftar.

Doner Kebab Traditional Ramadan Food

07. Kolak Ramadan Recipe

Indonesia is the largest muslim populated country in the world. People of indonesia called buka puasacto to iftar, its means “to open/break fast.” A buaka puasa is a likable Traditional Ramadan Food recipe in Indonesian dessert called kolak, consisting of palms or coconut sweet sugar, milk of coconut, and leafs of pandanus. Offered hot, kolak Ramadan food recipe may also contain many other ingredients for example bananas, sweet potatoes, tapioca balls, plantains, pumpkin and many more.

Kolak Traditional Ramadan Food

08. Beguni Ramadan Food

beguni is the most famous street food in Bangladesh, not only in Bangladesh also some other countries too, beguni is a Ramadan essential in many Bengali households all the way through the Indian subcontinent. Cooked with sliced eggplant then it is tattered well and then deep fried, it is frequently offered with rice. It is very tasty dish for Ramadan food in all countries try this at home hope you will enjoy this Ramadan food with your family at the time of iftar and best sahri

Beguni Traditional Ramadan Food

09. Harees Ramadan food

As a Traditional Ramadan Food harees mostly considered to have been a likable dish of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) all over the countries. harees is commonly known as jarees in some of the countries. Its normally eaten up at iftar in the Arabian neck of land and the Levant. this is make with the grain of wheat, butter, and also meat (frequently fresh chicken), and may be topped with cinnamon or sweet sugar with it. Harees is also guessed it the starting point of haleem. Type of mixchar normally found in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East, and Central Asia. And may be some more. If you like this Ramadan food cooks it at home and breaks your fast with this tasty Ramadan food recipe

Harees Traditional Ramadan Food

10. Harira Ramadan food

The Muslims people of Moroccan and Algerian traditionally open/break their fast with harira. Its one kind of soup meant to cook the empty stomach for a biggest dinner. It has all fresh and healthy ingredients which will help you to be active and do your work after the iftar. Because at the time of iftar when we break our fast. We get lazy a lot. It will help you to be active. Some of the ingredients are these. Chickpeas, lentils, flour, onions, tomatoes, rice, and usually some sort of meat stock. Variations of harira exist consisting on the region, such as Rabati, Marrakechi and Fesi. Maybe some more hope you will try this at your home.

Harira Traditional Ramadan Food

11. Fattoush Salad Ramadan Food

Many people in all over the world keep their Ramadan ul Mubarak month’s meal more light and hydrating and it must be little healthy, especially if it’s heat up. A fattoush salad of fresh Vegetables hits all of those remarks. The Middle Eastern replied to panzanella, fattoush salad uses pita at the place of crunchy bread, pitched in the lemon and guava/olive oil covering with vegetables like green pepper, lettuce, dressing, tomato, and cucumber. Add a little sour for a unique, taste of this dish. I know some of dishes you will cook at your home for Ramadan food iftar.

Fattoush Salad Traditional Ramadan Food

12. Harira Soup Ramadan Recipe

This energetic soup of harira (harira soup) set a lot into a bowl, with white meat, red meat, lentils; lamb, beef, or chicken; chickpeas, celery, and tomatoes. As many recipes are there as do families who made this soup for generations, but this fragrant and delicious version of Ramadan food recipe will make a lovely collection to your iftar food. Turn it round with all out, spoon it over some white rice or vermicelli on it and make it tasty. Then have it with the family members and friends at the time of iftar.

Harira soup Traditional Ramadan Food

13. Cheese board of Middle Eastern

A lot of iftar tables, there are many various and plentiful cheese board, more than ever preceding the meal. There are many components present on iftar table widely. Because these things are very important to eat for all those people who have keep fast they just love to have it. There are some Ramadan foods which complete the iftar table. Such as dates, figs, hummus, fresh fruit, cookies, samosas, chatt, labneh balls, and many numbers of fresh vegetables both for refilling water and mixing some fresh crunch. Offer it all with pita or small bread for dipping and scraping. This cheese board Ramadan food cook all around the world not only for the month of Ramadan also every day.

cheese board Traditional Ramadan Food

14. Pide bread Ramadan Food

Almost in all countries of the world many cultures cook their own traditional foods to their Ramadan celebrations and have it at the time of iftar and sahoor, we are going to take an example of Turkish. Their traditional Ramadan food is Pide bread. This is very soft, leavened; hand shaped bread goes superbly next to the rest of the iftar, or evening food. Cook it fresh and hot at home for Ramadan, or whenever you want eat you can have it all around the year. Try this at your home and these are very simple Ramadan food recipes. But these are healthy and we must eat such food in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak.

Pide Bread Traditional Ramadan Food

15. Best Halwa chebakia cookies

Flower-shaped sweet cookies trickled with honey. It marks as the superb meals during Ramadan that bring families and friends together at one place. Because cookies of Halwa chebakia, it takes some time to cook, many women get the help of their daughters, friends, sisters, or cousins to help. Rotate it into a Ramadan food activity with a superb, tasty and delicious result of this dish. This Ramadan table food is for kids especially because kid love to have the tasty cookies and also young ones.

Halwa chebakia Traditional Ramadan Food

16.Paya Curry (especial Dish for Ramadan)

Paya is the word of Urdu language that indicates the trotter or foot. This food is very special for all Muslims in the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak. Muslim society in Pakistan often to eats paya curry dish a lot during the Ramadan ul Mubarak. Paya Curry dish commonly eaten in Pakistan. Paya curry recipe cooked with trotters of sheep. Its cooked in a luscious tomato-onion .this recipe is perfect for iftar time. Cook this delicious paya curry recipe at your home and add some new ingredients for the best flavor of this Ramadan food dish. This dish is also energetic which will give you full diet so you can remain healthy whole month of Ramadan.

Paya Curry Traditional Ramadan Food

I must recommend you once try all these above given food at yours home and share your experience with us.

Today I am very happy that I have shown you many easy Ramadan food recipes which you can cook at home easily and you can make your Ramadan iftar and sahri some especial with your family members and also friends and maybe with guests too.

If you like our Traditional Ramadan Food article pleases comment us that how do you touch this article and which food you like most. And also tell us in comment section that how you are going to celebrate 1st iftar and sahri of this Ramadan ul Mubarak. I am waiting for your comments with the core of my heart.


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