Now a day’s Make money with a blog is not very easy profession. Because Bloggers not only improve their skills to add in their resume but at same time they Make money from their blogs.

Some works as a part timer and some as full timer. The best way to earn money with blogging is advertisement. The best service out there Google Adsense.

Google receive advertisements from many companies around the world and then sell them to different websites. When someone clicks on those websites, the blogger earns money for per click ad.

Make Money with a Blog

There are other companies too who work the same as Google for advertising. Many bloggers sell soft copies of their books on their blogs but you have to keep one thing in mind. That you can’t just start blogging and expect earnings right away.

A lot of hard work is required. You need to publicize your blog first by writing interesting and good articles. When you get traffic on your blog, that is when you can get ads and other ways to earn are possible for you. It’s simple that if noon visits the blog then who will give you ads?

Numbers of bloggers around the world are earning a lot of money from blogs. At this time, the most earning blog around the world is the news blog The HuffingtonPost which earns over $2.3 million monthly.

After that, a technology blog Mashable which is earning over half a million dollars and another technology blog Techcrunch is earning around half million dollars to.

Between all of this, there are several Pakistani English bloggers too they are earn money with blogging. One of them is syed Balkhi and his blog is which earn over 10 lack. Second is taimur asad his blog is which make more than 01 lack Urdu bloggers aren’t that famous.

it doesn’t mean that Urdu bloggers aren’t good enough but the reason can also be that Google Adsense hasn’t yet started giving advertisements. But Some of Pakistan who writes post in Urdu with loves for the language and skills.

Start A Free Blog On Blogger Platform – Make Money With a Blog.

Blogger is a nice way to share anything what you want this is owned by Google if you want to earn money. Using blogger this is right way for earn decent money from blog on monthly basis blogger service free of cost.

now a days there are so many blogging sites but my suggestion for new start bloggers use blogger provide you to create unlimited blogs and also space these all are without any charges.

Now I am going to tell you how to create a blogger account if you have a Google Gmail id write down in your browser.

Sign in with your Google account and if you don’t have just Sign Up or Create a new

Make Money with a Blog

Select your profile if you want to use Google plus profile. Then click create a Google plus profile or create a limited blogger profile. If you select blogger profile then add your display name and click continue to blogger.

Click on New Blog

Select a Blog Address available then add title and select template then click create blog

You can see your blog overview like in photo, after create blog click on start blogging

Add Post Title write your article labels and others four steps Job Don.

Important Steps After Making Blog – Make Money With a Blog.

I have seen many people complaining that they have been maintaining a blog and writing regularly but they fail to gather audience to read their blog.

Whenever I find someone saying anything of that sort, my answer is same for all: “It’s nobody’s mistake but yours, sir! Here you get nothing without asking. Even a mother doesn’t feed her child unless he cries of hunger”.

Today’s period is how the wise put it: Make things with one hand and beat drums about it with other. The situation today expects us that even if we are walking with someone.

Important Steps After Making Blog
Important Steps After Making Blog – Make Money With a Blog.

we should constantly remind them that we are walking with them! Otherwise, the world is so busy that people do not even notice the person walking beside them.

Understood my message-very well! If not, put simply, fill your social media pages with links to your writing Request your loved ones to read your blogs. Tag them.

Share about your blogs with everyone you talk to in one way or other. If your writing skills are really good, you should get many readers after that. If you can’t spread word about your blogs and think that thirsty person should come to the well then don’t complain.

Keep your pot ready and wait for someone to get thirsty. If you think you are a diamond and you should be transported in royal cart, wait more! Wait for some jeweler to realize your worth someday and take you to your real destination.

May that be years after you rest in your grave. The whole idea is that along with writing, you should market your blogs as well. Remember! Both situations require good and uniquely written blogs or otherwise catering readers is next to impossible.

It is very important to behave properly while marketing a blog. Follow the rules and regulations of pages and forums where you are sharing links. Don’t spam as excess of everything is bad. Post a limited number of links on a particular page to avoid annoyance.

If same link is posted again and again, people stop paying attention. Also, add a little description of your blog along with link wherever possible. Make the description interesting so that the reader automatically clicks on the link to your blog.

Blog Writing Tips – Make Money With a Blog.

when your blog is new, it is very important to talk about it with people and spread the word. Otherwise, how do you expect people to know about your blog? That is why do the proper marketing and make others realize and appreciate the efforts you are putting in your writing.

Many new bloggers spend more time on templates and themes of blog instead of blog itself. Remember “beauty doesn’t need gems”. Theme is gem of blog while writing is the beauty. When the words are striking, the blog doesn’t need a theme to be beautiful.

Put any appropriate and simple theme to give your blog a formal look and spend more time on your writing. You’ll automatically find new and beautiful themes as you progress.

Avoid plagiarism and be creative. Don’t copy stuff from here and there. You can definitely quote from other articles sometimes but do not quote too much. Use proper referencing while quoting to avoid people doubting your writing’s authenticity. Conspiracy theories are very famous these days.

Blog Writing Tips - Make Money With a Blog
Blog Writing Tips – Make Money With a Blog

Become renowned using someone else’s content, it will take lesser time for the owner to reach you and file complaint against you. Might get away from the charges once but you won’t be able to maintain image as a good writer again.

Come up with unique writing abstracts, own them and use them as ladder to reach heights.

Many new comers complain that old bloggers do not carry out discussions on their blogs. I won’t talk about any other blogger but me. Firstly, Urdu Blogistan is increasing rapidly.

It has become humanly impossible for one blogger to read and comment on every single blog. Secondly, I would recommend that don’t bother about old bloggers and create your own new world. You are a free blogger and you don’t need anyone’s support. Don’t get disheartened by the fact that no one comments on your blogs.

Instead, provide such amazing content that people are compelled to read. In fact, number of views matter more than number of comments while judging the standard of blogs.

Nobody becomes a good and famous blogger over night; it takes a long time to make and maintain the reputation of a good blogger. For some this period of struggling is longer than others. This is pretty natural so don’t be discouraged and keep trying.

The summary is that make blogs. Don’t spend too much time on themes and templates. Focus on quality and uniqueness of content. Don’t plagiarize. Stay marketing your blog on social media and other forums.

Connected with your family along with blogging website and constantly share your writing pieces with them. Keep in mind that it takes a while to cater the attention of reader and increase your blog traffic so don’t be upset and keep struggling to become a successful blogger.

Joining Adsense – Make Money With a Blog.

Being part of Adsense is based on this condition that your website lies under the Google’s criteria. Which can be seen at Google Adsense will consider you submitted application and upon review of your website, you’ll be added to Adsense.

make money with blog and adsense

In addition, Google for any reason can deny the application. You must be at least 18 years old. Else, you’ll need to register through a guardian. Your website must contain a lot of material else,your application will be denied and under construction websites are also notbpermitted and can apply once the website is fully developed.

About ads:

You are agreeing in this contract that you will not change or edit the code provided by Adsense. You can contact Google at anytime but directly contacting firms will not be appreciated. Security of your website is your own responsibility. Google will not be responsible for any security lapse.

Restricted work:

Finding involved in any of these acts, your account will be banned forever. Asking someone to click your ads. Putting up a picture next to ad which seems like a part of ads.

You can’t appreciate any user who clicks ads. Websites with little or no materials are not permitted for the use of ads. If your website is found violating any of these terms, you will be disqualified from the program.

Why Most Advertisers Support AdSense – Make Money With a Blog.

Now days there are many ways to earn money online but important thing is right information helping tools and combination of right techniques help you to earn money online.

There are so many sites were taking participate and provide service to earn money online but Google Adseans is the most reliable way to earn money online.

Most people who want to earn money from internet they depend on Google Adseans as their first option, that’s why most of advertiser goes on Google Adseans.

  • when you come one internet market Legality is most important thing and Google Adseans is the much powerful company.
  • Adseans were display your ads related to your content but the other advertisers sites didn’t display ads related to your content which we consider as spamming.
  • If you have a Domain name then you can easily make adseans account and you can display ads for any type of site but there are restriction on some of pornographic sites and you can easily manage many of site with your one adseans account.
  • they were pay their publisher on the base of pay per click (PPC).
  • you can receive your income easily by western union Bank transfer or check when your income reach on 100$

Google Webmaster tools – Make Money With a Blog.

I have been working on Adsense for so long that I am very familiar with the behavior of Adsense that who can get rich by Google and who’ll be forced to waste time on Adsense by Google.

To earn more, you have to understand the the strategy of Google that how they want your website to be and what kind of users they ask and what you have to do to come in international rankings.

make money with blog

1. While creating and updating website, you have to keep in mind that you are creating website for services not just for earning. If you are just creating website for earning, you will be checking your earnings on Adsense the whole time and your website will not be updated well. You have to get more users who happily visit your website and click ads.

2. While creating or updating website, use these 3 Meta tags: Keyphrase, Description, and Keywords because this will help your website to appear in search engine. The more related keywords are there, the higher your ranking on search engine will be and earnings will increase too.

It has been noticed that people use highest paid keywords like insurance, mesothelioma, forex etc. but the content of their website is different. There’s no profit by doing this, instead your ranking in search engine will decrease too. Use the keywords related to your website.

3. Creating a website isn’t enough. Advertising is very important too. Other people do need to know about your website too. This increases the impression and traffic on your website.

There are many different ways of advertising your website. For example: Search Engine Optimization, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Forums Signatures and Link Exchange.

4. Users are the most important key for the success of website but most people forget about the interest of users. You have to maintain your website in such a way that users must keep visiting. If the content of your website is boring, the users will lose interest and may never visit again.

5. The content of website is what brings life to the website. The sooner you keep updating the content on your website, the more your website will be promoted.

Most web masters fall asleep after creating website and never update. Such websites are not appreciated by users. Users appreciate the websites which are updated often. If not daily, do update your website on weekly basis at least.

6. Do not ask any of your friends or visitors to click ads. No matter how smart are you will be caught by Google as they have so many ways to catch a fraud.

7. Register your website on fast hosts so that your Upstream is 99.99%. This way, your website will open quickly, users will not have to wait and users will visit again to.

Google often check your website and if your website is slow, it leaves negative impact and the result can be the blockade of your Adsense account.

8. Every webmaster should worry about their traffic and from where the traffic is coming from.Google Adsense Earning Formula:Search Engine Traffic + Direct Traffic + Quality Backlinks + Excellent Content.

Try to get more European users as a click by a European user gives 85% more earning than normal user.

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings – Make Money With a Blog.

Every user who signs up at Google Adsense wishes to increase income and become rich overnight but in reality, Google Adsense requires patience. When your website is new, not many people know about it.

In these times, you need to advertise your website over internet to increase the traffic. To increase your income, register your website in different directories. In addition you may find following tips useful.

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings - Make Money With a Blog.
Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings – Make Money With a Blog.

Increase the traffic on website. It’s the most efficient and legal way to increase income via Google Adsense. The more is traffic on your website, the more clicks you’ll get and page impressions will increase too. Click “Increase traffic” to increase traffic.

Adjust ad colors according to your website as if your website background is white, make ad background white too. If your links are of red color, make ad title red color too. Click “Get Ads” to get ad codes.

According to Google, 90×728, 250×250, and 280×300 gives out most CTR, in other words are more attractive to users and more users click on them. 90×270 is most efficient for picture ads. Click “Ad Formats” to view ad formats.

Keyword Planning – Make Money With a Blog.

Use top keywords on your website as this way ads of big companies will appear on your website and you will get paid more. Click “top keywords” to view top keywords. Here, you’ll also find how to use them. Note: Remember using just keywords is not good enough. You also need material related to that on your website. Else, you’ll be banned.

The topic of your website should be of that more European users will visit as clicks from international users give you more money. For this, register on international forums and add the link to your website in your signature when you post. This way, you can get European users on your website too.

Place your ads in such a way that when a user enters your website, it’s visible right in front, not after scrolling down. My website is an example of this how ads are on top and the first thing you see when you enter the website and the user ends up clicking on the ad anyway.

Keyword Planning - Make Money With a Blog.
Keyword Planning – Make Money With a Blog.

Add Google Search option on your website too. This way, if user doesn’t understand anything and searches, your income will increase. Add as much ads you can to your website. (You can add 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 searches Box on one page)

Another big key to increase income on Google Adsense is to keep updating your website regularly because if a user visits your website once, the user will only keep visiting if there are changes regularly. So, keep adding new material on your website to get users’ attention.

Organized your material in a simple and easy way for user to access. Some websites are so complicatedly designed that user’s feel lost when they enter the website. Use simple interface so that more users can find it useful and you can get more clicks.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog for Beginners – Make Money With a Blog.

Traffic is the main key of success If you own Website or blog and every one face trouble with this. Most of the beginner fined the shortcut to get more traffic for their blog or website to build up their business online store sale or page ads or any other. Everyone want website/blog traffic to build their online business to get success. But why we forget the key of success SEO Search engine optimization.

You have to look at your website or blog what are the basic mistakes if you have to need that your slog or website earn on monthly bases then you have to make shore to well maintain your website or blog traffic and you always worry for you site.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog for Beginners - Make Money With a Blog.
Drive Traffic to Your Blog for Beginners – Make Money With a Blog.

Traffic on monthly basis which you in reply money there are many ways to receive traffic on your website/blog. You want to successful in internet market then you have to need heavy traffic also target traffic on your blog.

Now a days there are so many ways to increase your website or blog traffic. Some are paid and some free now this is possible to attract unique visitor on your site and they keep connect with you in regular basis traffic is hungry to read, lesson, and watch something special. Now I am shear some tips to move traffic on your blog on free.

Selections of Keyword – Make Money With a Blog.

Best placement of keyword for your site or blog. Now days there are millions of website and blog and some are the most popular they always publish latest new contain and they cannot give you chance to take their position actually competition is between the right selection of key words if you place right keyword then they fire and you still on their position.

Once you have understand the selection of keyword and right material for your website or blog then search engine permute your site and you will receive a lot of traffic.

Article writing – Make Money With a Blog.

You can receive heave traffic from search engine by writing high quality article related to your topic and don’t forget keyword in your articles. Spend time for writing high quality article and get money by optimize your article contain in search engine.

If you have ability creativity and research to explain property article writing publish on your blog this may show your talent and visitor find more and more information on your blog.

Regular updates – Make Money With a Blog.

By updating your site help you to find the different source of complication and also permute your site easily.

Use different media on your post – Make Money With a Blog.

Writing something on your new post When you are use different media like YouTube dailymotion images audio colorful text these things attract use to search more on your site.

Guest Blog and create a membership – Make Money With a Blog.

Visit the others blog Arch and post comments,when you actually this is an invitation to blog owner to guest on your blog also when you submit a link which help you to increase Submission in search engine as back link or welcome traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make Money With a Blog.

As a beginner we have to focus on SEO Search engine optimization please don’t forget this is not only way to get traffic there are so many ways to get traffic for your website/blog but SEO is the best free way to get traffic where we put nice keywords related to our blog post topic.

When someone find in search engine like Google, Bing, or yahoo the search engine prefer our site in the top page and this is the organic way to get free traffic by doing SEO you can get more and more traffic day or years.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Make Money With a Blog.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make Money With a Blog.

(SEO) Search engine optimization is not very difficult method and not a rocket science you can learn easily by the time you can learn from your experience, it is well worth of your time to learn more about SEO and it pay you back.

Google is the most popular search engine you have to optimize your website or blog by search engine friendly which I have already mention above, visibility for search engine. Keep maintaining you site in regular basis and make your contain user  friendly related to your selected keywords.

Use the best keywords which appear high in search engine ranking optimize your blog search engine friendly research of keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Make Money With a Blog.

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing provide you company for your blog/website, you may also say that in easy word promoting your blog/website by easy advertisement program which charge for you on the bases of pay par click at this way you can see best result of traffic on your blog/website and you may receive result within 24 to 72 hours.

SEO and SEM use these both tools together just because make powerful to your Blog/website you can get your goals easily by receiving traffic.

Beware keep in mind now a day’s so many advertisers available here but I very highly recommend Adwords just because if you are finding the targeted traffic then Adwords is the best for all of them.

Paid traffic – Make Money With a Blog.

As a beginner if you are fail to get traffic by doing SEO then you can get paid traffic this is the most effective way to get fast traffic to build your website/blog on any online business, these companies charge you on the bases of your package PPC, CPM, you can get result within 24 to 72 hours.

Achieve your goal easily by receiving traffic for your website/blog, but keep in mind there are so many advertisers here who offer cheap traffic but I highly recommend you Google Adword if you are finding the targeted traffic and any specific platform then must try the best for all of them.

Adword pay per Click (PPC) Campaign and also bus traffic from facebook without having hard work and tension this is the very easy way to maintain your traffic and also page rank in search engine.

Social Media to Drive Traffic – Make Money With a Blog.

For a beginner’s social media is the powerful source to get free traffic and grow your online business, you can share your website/blog content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Make sure don’t spam your content on social sites otherwise they can suspend you account, you can also get free traffic from YouTube, many of people use YouTube for the source of free traffic, make your product or website/blog video and upload on YouTube and add you website/blog link in video description.

Social Media to Drive Traffic - Make Money With a Blog.
Social Media to Drive Traffic – Make Money With a Blog.

This is very important for a beginners use Google Analytic this is free source to monitoring you website/blog traffic, you can find out how many people visiting your website and how much they spend time on your website/blog.

Remember each traffic source is remarkable and brings its own diverse crowd. Discover which traffic technique works best for your site. What works for a few people may not work for you and what may work for you may not work for others. There is nobody best traffic source that will mysteriously give you unique visitors, it is about your level of advertising and motivating individuals.

If you have any Question related to this post please ask and share your experience with us by posting comment.


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