Green Tea health benefits for you to Loss Weight. Generally many people use Green tea to reduce weight and often go for a walking at morning time, thinking they can reduce weight and it is true. Green tea helps you to reduce your weight and prevent many health decides.

Green tea is wonderful drink but if green tea is stacked with some other combination then its benefits turn double. As you known that Green Tea is very beneficial to be taken as a precaution for diabetes and mouth cancer. And Green tea is also good for healthy people. Today I am going to share with you health benefits of green tea.

How to Drink Green Tea for Health benefits

Now understand that make green tea by infusing it in boiled water for 10-15 seconds instead of boiling it and then stain it and use dips to infuse the green tea.

want to increase glucose carbs and overall metabolism to lose weight or want to improve digestion. Then boil ginger in water infuse green tea for 10-15 seconds and drink it by putting 10-15 lemon juice drops.

Drink Green Tea for Health benefits.

If you want to improve your immune system then take green tea with some non-citric fruit. To improve blood flow in the body then take some handful of peanuts or 10 almonds or 3-4 walnuts with green tea. This combination adds to the antioxidant properties of green tea.

It is higher to drink green tea once breakfast, before lunch post lunch/dinner or before dinner. However if you are taking green tea once dinner or before 15-20 of sleeping time then you will face sleep disorder problems. Just in case you’ve got target to slim down then you’ll have a green tea simply before reaching to bed.

There should be no gap between your sleeping time and having green tea. So that you sleep before the green tea is digested and you face no disorder related to sleep disorder.

Besides this keep in mind that always drink fresh green tea OR refrigerate it so that it won’t get stale Green tea can be consumed hot and cold.

Do not drink Stale green tea or tea kept for a long time as it will increase chances of toxicity & bacteria. Which is not good for health green tea is a blessing if taken in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right way.

Benefits of Green Tea For Skin

Green tea is understood in concert of the healthiest drinks within the world. It was discovered in Ancient China in the year 2737 B.C. Drinking this every day has some powerful health benefits for the human body.

Many people use green tea for acne and as a powerful skin healer. Green tea leaves release polyphenols into the water which are anti-inflammatory. You can conjointly apply cold tea to the skin with a plant disease to quickly dry out pimples and spots.

Benefits of Green Tea For Skin.

If you’re making an attempt to turn then it’s suggested to drink flavoring teas frequently. Tea contains antioxidants reminiscent of (EGCG) that facilitate the body to balance its blood sugars and faucet into your own fat reserves for energy.

You can also purchase a concentrated form of green tea which is called Match Tea. This is grown differently and contains a higher amount of chlorophyll. This is the green pigment found in plants which helps detoxify the liver and remove harmful toxins from the body.

Incas you suffer with lack of mental focus or find yourself feeling drained often then drinking green tea can help. Green tea contains small subtle amounts of caffeine. This compound helps the brain to make faster connections between neurons. This means that you can focus better and get rid of brain fog naturally.

The drink contains a vast amount of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and flavonoids which help to fight disease at the cellular level. Many people drink green tea to help their body in fighting cancer or radiation sickness. 

Gargling with green tea can help to heal a sore throat if you have a cold. You can also hold green tea in the mouth to reduce bleeding gums after a tooth is removed.

Green Tea Extract Benefits

Studies in Japan have shown that drinking green tea each day can increase lifespan by multiple years. For this reason we recommend switching soda and sugary drinks to green tea to see some excellent health results. Green tea also has small amounts of caffeine which can boost the metabolism and activate a higher rate of fat burning.

Green tea is definitely beneficial for you if consumed 1 hour before the food. Do not take green tea just before and just after your food. use green tea before a meal then it suppresses appetite and will help you to avoid overeating. If you consume it after mean then it will make digestion & metabolism strong.

Green tea also has small amounts of caffeine which can boost the metabolism and activate a higher rate of fat burning.

highly recommended for teenage girls to drink green tea during their development. Green tea has been shown to fight HPV infections and reduce the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix.

Adults who drink green tea daily have a 50 percent less chance of developing depression and mood disorders. The phytochemicals help to keep the brain sharp healthy and emotionally peaceful. 

This formula will increase protein metabolism in the body which is essential for muscle recovery & growth.

Regular with Green tea It is packed with antioxidants and contains caffeine. It also has enzymes that stimulate fat loss, which makes a perfect replacement for your regular tea.

Studies have found that regular consumption of honey can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as bad cholesterol. It also has a lower glycemic index so it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.

This information is provided By Britain research:

A research at Agnelarkson University has shown that along with doing exercise, Green Tea is also beneficial for overweight people.

Research participants who used Green Tea due to its ingredients has shown significant decrease in body fat and better fitness within one month.

Research has also shown that EGCG in Green Tea is also very beneficial for health overall.

According to researchers, one hour on at least 3 days every week and 6-7 cups of Green Tea can make a big difference for people trying to decrease weight.

Medical journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research published that Green Tea is beneficial for mouth cancer as a special ingredient. Green Tea stops the reproduction of cells in the mouth which can cause mouth cancer.

Research has shown that EGCG found in Green Tea fights off cancer cells without damaging healthy cells but it has not yet been found that why it only affects cancer cells in the mouth.


    • its totally depends on you for which purpose if you use green tea for weight loss then minimum 3 cup a day one in morning before meal one in evening and last before sleep

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